We raise #2 yellow corn. Basically this means that it is not sweet corn like you’d eat. On our farm, our corn is raised for ethanol and feed. From the farm, we sell to an ethanol plant which then makes the corn into ethanol and creates by-products (like distillers grains) for feed.

Corn Plant


The soybeans we raised are mostly raised for seed. They are harvested and then packaged for seed to be planted again in the next season. We do grow some commercial soybeans that are sold to local co-ops and most often used for feed.

Harvesting Soybeans

Small Grains

In 2019 we began raising oats for small grains. The oats are used for oat milk currently. Once the oat grain is harvested, we bale the straw for hay to be used as bedding.



Alfalfa hay is raised to use as feed for our cattle.